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The Power of Positive Thinking – Don’t be a Wilted Flower


HealthySolutions-wilted-floMy Father-in-law came to live with us last fall. Jim and I have been trying to play catch-up with our landscaping, but because of various commitments with family members, nothing has been done around our yard. The other day I was outside weeding when I looked up, and there came Dad Jones with his walker. We parked him under a shade tree, at which time he promptly fell asleep.

It made quite a picture so we took one and sent it to Jim’s younger brothers. His youngest brother, Joe sent us a text that said, “looks like he is wilted maybe you better water him”.

Many times our lives and our businesses look like my wilted father-in-law. We forget our initial enthusiasm and let it wilt. So how do we recover, and keep our enthusiasm?

You have to keep giving yourself daily doses of enthusiasm. Remember thoughts are things, things have gravity, and gravity attracts.

What are you attracting into your life and business? Are your thoughts lifting you up or are they dragging you down?

You have more potential within yourself than you give yourself credit for. Dr. Peale says, “Believe in and accept and affirm the powerful personality force inherent within you”!

Keeping the enthusiasm going by positive thinking can lead to opportunities that may build you up and then let you down. So you’ve had a great success. You’ve given that talk before several hundred people and you’ve expended a lot of energy. Now for the let down, right? Wrong! Now is the time to reenergize and go out and conquer another situation. How do you re-energize?

I have a friend Sylvia who has found a method that has been given the clinical test. Take just 10 minutes a day, fill you mind with positive thoughts, I personally use scripture “This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Meditate on your heart picturing it whole and pumping all that life giving blood to your brain your lungs and other organs. Finish with meditation “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you shall ….

They have found that this method actually has healed diseased hearts.

Dr. Bainbridge of NYC offered Dr. Peal this prescription that I would like you to try.

Slouch down in your seat so your head is resting on the back of the chair.

Let your arms fall to the side, hanging loose.

Put your legs straight out.

“Peace and quietness are filling our minds. Renewal is now taking place in our physical bodies. We are now being re-created in every part of our beings. We are being given energy sufficient for our needs.”

Moment of Silence.

Okay now it’s time to get on with the day.

Put those thoughts on a positive level. Know that you are going to approach the rest of your day with enthusiasm. Looking for the positive and ridding your mind of the negative.

Don’t be a wilted flower in the garden of life – bloom with enthusiasm!

Green Choices for Your Home in Hendersonville NC


Products to Support Your Greener Home

We’re pretty lucky to live in Hendersonville – the climate, seasons, views, friends, culture – I just love it here. However, we’re not so lucky to have the moisture issues in our homes, or the wasted energy and money we spend to make our homes comfortable. And the Blue Ridge Mountains are known for less than stellar air quality.

Here’s the good news. We’ve got a few simple ways you can reduce waste, save energy, handle the moisture, and clean the air in your home that won’t cost an arm and a leg. What’s more, you can support your goal of becoming more earth friendly and improve your health while doing so!

Want to know how to go green with your laundry or where to find an indoor environmental conditioning product? Healthy Solutions of North Carolina offers you proven ways to make your home greener.Piggy bank photo illustrates HealthySolutionsNC saves money

  • Reduce Chemicals
  • Clear the Air
  • Clean up the Water
  • Save Money

Cleaner clothes with just cold water and no chemicals

The money saving LaundryPure gets clothes cleaner without the need for hot water, detergent, fabric softener, or bleach. There are no chemicals to irritate sensitive skin, cause allergic reaction, or go out with the waste water. Easily installed and simple to use, LaundryPure has been shown to pay for itself over time.

Reduce smoke, odors, and airborne pollutants without expensive filters

FreshAir Surround by ActivePure Technology duplicates the power of sunlight and thunderstorms to take the solution to the pollution. With the press of a button, FreshAir eliminates smoke, odors and odor-causing bacteria indoors, all while reducing contaminants on the surfaces you touch. Because FreshAir works continuously, you may be able to reduce the need for cleaning and deodorizing chemicals in your home.

Healthier water without the bottles

LivingWater offers ionized, alkaline, healthy water treatment right from your kitchen faucet. No more expensive bottles to buy and throw out, and no more acidic water. With the power and efficiency of Direct Disk Ionization Technology™, LivingWater puts filtered, pH-optimized, alkaline water at your fingertips for a very smart price.